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Welcome to the ELFWorks archive of freeware objects!
Feel free to use these for personal and non-profit projects.
(Commercial users are requested to contact ELFWorks for a signed release form.)

CGI XMas Cap for LightWave, with Sasquatch Fur! Sasquatch Fur Cap - In the spirit of the holidays, I decided to post a new version of the fur cap using Sasquatch - the fur shader for LightWave. It looks a little grungy, but I was going for more of a 'Bad Santa' feel. :)

The Zip file contains two different versions: One for Sasquatch, and one for Sasquatch 'Lite' - the version bundled with recent versions of LightWave.

If you have Quicktime installed, you can preview  the caps as QTVR Objects here:
Sasquatch 'Lite'

(Since I know someone is going to ask for it, the Zip file also includes the scene required to compile the QTVR objects. :)

Happy Holidays!
Feliz Navidad!
Skoal! :)

CGI Xmas cap with HyperVoxel Fur! I made this texture a _long_ time ago.

So long ago that I can't even load the old HyperVoxel settings anymore. :)

The HyperVoxel settings are included in the Zip file linked above.

If you can load it and render it in 8.5, do me the favor of sending me a note telling me how you did it. Thanks. :)

Lost In Space - Robot Lost In Space: Robot - What's Lost In Space without the robot?!? DANGER, DANGER! Download this file at your own risk!
Lost In Space - Jupiter2 Spaceship Lost In Space: Jupiter2 - A rough copy of the Jupiter2. Based mainly on memory, and a few pictures from the Polar Lights web site - showing their model of the ship.
Earth We've got balls! - I made this Tennis ball a few years ago, and someone needed one, so I figured I'd lob it out over the net.
Earth The Earth - Over the years, I've been amassing a variety of Earth objects. In most cases, texture maps are included for Color, Bump, Specularity, and Luminosity. Click on the image to link to a page which details the different Earth objects available for download.
Bowling Pins PinBlur - Back when LightWave introduced motion blur, this was the first image I created with the new version. This image is a close rendition of the image found on the cover of that great book 'The Renderman Companion' by Steve Upstill. ")
Everything necessary to render this scene is included in the ZIP file.
Fender Stratocaster Guitar Fender Stratocaster - This object was put together ages ago. Musical instruments are always popular, though. (Sorry, you don't get the Tiger Skin texture...Just plain red.)
Simple IK example A Good Joint: How to roll your own. - The scene files for an article I wrote that gives a few hints about how to create simple hydraulic cylinders, and flexible rubber bellows.